Get Hair-Free & Smooth Skin with Skinplace® IPL Laser Hair Removal

Get rid of unwanted hair… Fast, Painless and Effective!

Skinplace® IPL Laser Hair Removal is exactly what you need to achieve hairless, smooth and fabulous looking skin! You can have smooth and hair-free skin like a Ms. Universe and ramp like a true beauty!

Skinplace® IPL Laser Hair Removal uses intense pulsed light, a form of light therapy, that’s effective in hair removal, treatment and lightening of skin pigmentation, sun damage and even thread veins.

Contact us today and schedule for sessions of Skinplace® IPL Laser Hair Removal.

Skin Place by A&C is a growing and expanding skin care and wellness aesthetic center.  We provide non-invasive aesthetic procedures such as facials for different skin types, non invasive anti ageing solutions, non-invasive slimming solutions using various mechanical approach, whitening solutions, laser hair removals and a whole lot more.
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