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Get ‘Champion’ Body Curves & Tone, and Shed Off Excess Fat!

Get ‘Champion’ Body Curves & Tone, and Shed Off Excess Fat – We’ll Show You How!

Admit it, you would be absolutely glad to get rid of those jiggly fats all at once. Yet at the same time, you dread the thought of going under the knife – and the cost that comes with it.

What if we tell you that there is a way to “melt off” all those unsightly fat and bring you a slimmer and well-sculpted figure that will surely grab everyone’s attention? It’s possible with Skin Place® Cavi Slender Trim!

Ultrasonic Cavitation works by increasing your fat cell metabolism with the use of low-frequency sound waves. The fat cells are destroyed by the pressure, “melted” into liquid, and then expelled through your body’s natural metabolic process.

We have modified this revolutionary and painless Cavitation Technology so that it specifically targets common problem areas.   

Want to sculpt and contour your waist so you can get back to wearing your old jeans? Skin Place® Cavi Waist Shaper is exactly what you need.

Dealing with flabby and wiggly fat deposits on your arms? Skin Place® RF Arms Slender Tight is your best choice.

How about unsightly saddle bags and cellulites on your legs and thighs? Not to worry – Skin Place® Cavi Legs Slender Trim will work wonders!

Visit any Skin Place® branch and we’ll be more than happy to discuss these treatment options with you, so that you know you’re getting top-class service without the hefty price tag. 

Get the “Champion Body Curves & Tone” that you’re dreaming of today – it’s all possible, here at Skin Place®!

Contact us today to set an appointment.


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