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Skin Place

We provide dedicated and reliable aesthetic services for the skin, face and body.  We merge skilled and attentive aestheticians with state-of-the art aesthetic equipment to make lasting and impressive results!  Avail all of our services and get the most attentive treatment for any (and all) of your facial and beauty concerns.


We offer non invasive aesthetic procedures such as facials for different skin types, non invasive anti ageing solutions, non invasive slimming solutions using various mechanical approach, whitening solutions, laser hair removals and a whole lot more.  Skin Place is the first and only neighborhood skin care aesthetic center of its kind, promoting the standards of aesthetic and wellness for everyone.

Smooth Shiny Skin

Facial Services

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E-Light Laser Treatment

Hair Removal

Rejuvenating/Whitening E-Light 

Other E-Light Services

RF & Cavi Treatments
Cavi Slender Trim

Other Services

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